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Instant availability for physical & virtual Windows platforms


Do any of your machines need to be available 
again less than 5 minutes after a failure?

If so, take a look at NetJapan's instant restore and availability solutions for Windows servers and workstations:


For physical and virtual Windows servers and desktop machines.

Limit downtime to 5 minutes even for your physical servers with vStandby and boot your failed machine as a virtual machine in no time. 

vStandby works independently from any backup and disaster recovery solution, not matter the brand, offering you added protection.


For instant restoration both onsite and offsite

vStandby AIP is an add-on solution for ActiveImage Protector.

It can be installed locally or at a remote or cloud location in order to offer quick availability and fast recovery during a disaster. vStandby AIP restores your entire physical or virtual Windows or Linux production system in only a few minutes in VMware ESXi.


For Microsoft Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines.

Find out how our host-based solution for Microsoft Hyper-V will allow you to keep working even when one of the virtual machines dies. 

Benefit from NetJapan's Inline Data Deduplication Compression feature across your Hyper-V host volumes and reduce your onsite and offsite storage space requirements.

Downtime no longer needs to be expensive in terms of either time or money!

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