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For Resellers / MSPs
- Modular approach
- Affordable
- Looked after by backup experts

We look after your backups

Flexible services to fit your Backup and DR offering

Exclusive to IT Resellers, VARs, Service Providers

Designed to enhance Resellers, VARs and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Backup & Disaster Recovery offering to endusers, our service have a modular approach, allowing you to choose only what you need or what you wish to integrate in your service portafolio.


From experts to experts

All our services are given by technicians, all experts in the Backup and Disaster Recovery sector for over 10 years.


Make your tailored offer and / or choose our Starter Kit package

Benefit from our Starter Kit, a Cloud based backup service package, or choose 1 or several local or Cloud backup service from our expansive list.

Service details.

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Request a quote!

Fill in the form with the local and Cloud backup services of your interest. An expert technician will contact you at no cost to discuss your needs with you and double-check which services are needed so we are able to give you a quote that fits your needs.

Only for Resellers, VARs, MSP.

Why you should use our services

  • To optimize your resources
    We do the job for you so you can concentrate on your core activities. It’s like having an additional staff member without the additional cost!
  • You can tailor it for your company or even for each client
    Our modular approach allows you to choose the exact backup and disaster recovery service you need or wish to offer and/or your client's infrastructure and business continuity plans.
  • It's affordable
    By creating your own offer using our module, you are sure you only pay for what you offer and use. Furthermore, our Starter Kit gathers several local and Cloud services at a very interesting price. 
  • No direct competition
    The services are only offered to Resellers, VARs and MSPs - never to endusers directly. 
  • Our technicians are backup experts
    Our technicians know our solutions best. Who better to assist you with installation and provide insider tips on how to optimise their application.
  • Secure cloud data storage
    We have 2 datacentres. One is located in Germany and the other is located in Switzerland. Both are available 24/7/365. Your data is never replicated to any “un-safe harbours”.

Local and Cloud Services, Storage & Software details

Overview of our current offering for Resellers / MSPs

Service icon
Remote installation & setup Local
Backup creation tests (Notification on failure) Cloud
Backup consistency tests (Notification on failure) Cloud
Backup chain consolidation Cloud
Backup retention (delete backups older than 1 week) Cloud
Backup Bootability tests (Notification on failure)
Local / Cloud
Remote recovery Local
Data on USB from/to datacentre Cloud
Storage icon
Local / Network storage Local
400 Gb Cloud hosting Cloud
Additional Gb Cloud hosting Cloud
Storage quota notification Cloud
Software icon
Up to 3 NetJapan licences Local
All NetJapan software Local
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