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ActiveImage Protector 2018 for Hyper-V
- Restore VM faster
- Consolidate backup files
- Monitor activities with ActiveVisor
- Efficient cross-VM deduplication
NEW - ActiveVisor
- Monitor ActiveImage Protector activities
- Manage installation from a central console
- Free
Having "No time" can harm your company
Automate backup tests!
Partnership with Tandberg
Get a free ActiveImage Protector licence with any RDX drive order
ActiveImage Protector 2018
- Sector-based backup
- Fast Restore
- Onsite / Offsite replication
- Automated backup testing

Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions for all

All Business Continuity needs covered by 1 solution

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NetJapan ActiveImage Protector software is well-designed, scalable and adapted to our customers' needs. The support service is responsive and allows us to resolve issues as soon as possible.
— Ricardo Da Silva
Technical Dept, OMNISA SA
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