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Backup and Recovery for Linux

Live backups & fast restore of Linux machines with ActiveImage Protector Linux

Native Linux snapshot driver

Our proprietary native Linux snapshot driver (AIPSNAP) backs up live / hot Linux machines.

Fast bare-metal recovery, migration & virtualisation

Recover, Restore, Migrate and Virtualize using our Linux based Recovery Environment. Virtual and physical conversions include: P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V. 

Live backups of MySQL

Ensure data integrity and security without having to shutdown MySQL. 

On-the-fly deduplication saves on storage requirements

Efficiently reduce backup file storage with our Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) feature with minimal impact on backup windows and restore time.

Protect physical or virtual Linux machines

Supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS physical and virtual machines. 1 licence per kernel.

Unlimited replication to onsite, offsite & cloud locations

Protect your backup files from ransomware who attacks any files on your network or other storage related disaster by storing a copy at different locations.

Flexible backup planning

Schedule sector-based full and incremental backups. Program backup windows down to every 5 minutes and include multiple disks into one disk image. Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is also supported.

Granular file and folder restore

Mount an image file as a virtual drive for quick and convenient granular recovery of files and folders contained in the image file.

Image retention policy 

Never run out of space on your storage device by automatically deleting old backup image sets. 

Enhance your Recovery Time with vStandby AIP Instant Disaster Recovery solution

More than a failover solution, vStandby AIP add-on module offers reliable Instant Disaster Recovery options for all your Windows and Linux machines. It allows you to boot your ActiveImage Protector backup files in 2 minutes in Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX(i) and continue using it with no performance impact or time limitation.

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Download a fully functional 30 day trial of ActiveImage Protector for Linux

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Searching for more?

Instant Availability for Linux machines

Independent of the size of failed Linux machines, boot them in less than 5 minutes in VMware ESX(i) or Microsoft Hyper-V with vStandby AIP. This solution is an add-on to ActiveImage Protector Linux and uses created backup files to create Standby Virtual Machines (SVM). One single instance of vStandby AIP works for Linux and Windows machines across your network!

Protect Linux VMs

Should you (also) have Linux virtual machines, check our ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition. This solution is very flexible and adapted to Linux and Windows VMs across one or multiple hosts.

Where to buy ActiveImage Protector Linux

Become a NetJapan partner: We offer both perpetual / outright and subscription based licences to fit resellers, VARs and Managed Service Providers.

Alternatively, if you are already a NetJapan partner, place your order through our Partner Portal.

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