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About us


"Only One Technology"

The fact is, disasters can and do happen all of the time. Thankfully, you can rely on NetJapan to protect your company’s data and IT infrastructure from any type of disaster, large or small. 

Under the “only one technology” philosophy, NetJapan focuses on developing and offering innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions for complete protection of your computer systems and data:

NetJapan offers different methods to achieve instant availability:

  • For physical or virtual Windows productive machines: vStandby creates and maintains a dormant replica of your machine which can be booted in seconds in the event of a system crash or failure, ensuring instant availability of both the system and data.
  • For Microsoft Hyper-V: NetJapan Seamless Hot Restore (SHR) feature can quickly start a fully functional replacement VM from an ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V backup image while simultaneously restoring the same VM in the Hyper-V environment, providing true continuity for data access and productivity.
  • For ActiveImage Protector: In 2015 NetJapan launched ImageBoot, a free DisasterReady solution that bypasses lengthy recovery times by booting your full or incremental ActiveImage Protector backups as a temporary replacement VM in as little as two minutes in either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V.
“It’s been great to work as a consultant with a company that understands the backup and recovery needs of today’s businesses. The products NetJapan has produced are some of the best performing and most reliable I’ve ever seen.”
— Jamey Kirby
Microsoft MVP, Developer of the first Windows based snapshot technology and outside consultant for NetJapan, Inc.

Our history

NetJapan company timeline

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NetJapan continues expanding every year with regional offices and local partners.

NetJapan world map

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Our clients

Today we hold 20% of the image backup market in Japan and are expanding our services in the Asia/Pacific and North American regions, as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our major trading partners (in no specific order):

Epson Direct Corporation 
Fujitsu Business Systems 
Fujitsu Limited 
Fujitsu Software Technologies 
Hewlett-Packard Co., 
Hitachi Electronics Services Co., Ltd. 
JB Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. 
JBCC Ltd. 
NEC Corporation 
NEC Fielding, Ltd. 

Nikko Telecommunications Co., 
Nissei Com Ltd.
Nissho Electronics Co. 
Panasonic Corporation 
SCSK Ltd. 
Sharp Corporation 
SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp
Sony Corporation 
Toshiba PC System Co., Ltd.

Our people

Management team

NetJapan Management team

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We value our staff

Martin Widera
Pre-Sales Technical engineer
“I really get the best of both worlds – I support our developers in building and launching new solutions and I provide technical training to our customers via webcasts and at live events. This direct contact is what inspires new thoughts on how we can further improve our products and builds long term partnerships. It’s a great feeling to know my work makes a difference to the clients and the company. I can also be myself at work and have a good relationship with my colleagues; this factor is very important to me." Hobbies: classical music, kettlebell sports & enthusiastic user of high end HiFi
Beate Rösler
Sales Manager, Germany & Austria
“I like working at NetJapan because you feel like a human and not a number. Colleagues are nice and we are a real team. Everybody works hard and helps each other out. My task is it to bring our products and services to the German and Austrian markets. I love to communicate, so being in Sales talking to our customers every day and making their lives easier by finding the right Backup/DR solution is rewarding and exciting at the same time!” Hobbies: jogging, travelling, enjoying the moment… and Oktoberfest…

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